How To Community Shop

In order to find out the sales price you can purchase, you first need to know how much you will like to pay monthly. Click the link below "NACA Mortgage Calculator" to help you determine a sales price.
  1. Scroll down to desire monthly payment box and type your affordable monthly payment.
  2. Scroll down to Monthly Insurance Per Unit Box and type the estimated monthly homeowner insurance payment. In an average it should be approximately $75 a month.
  3. The mortgage calculator will then give you a total Final Price
  4. Go to web site "guest login" and type your user name & password. Please click contact us if you do not have a user name & password. Type your information & email address and submit. We will email your user name & password so that you can begin your search.
  5. Type your criteria (Final price, location, bedrooms & bathrooms ETC..) and begin your search.
  6. Now physically drive by the homes you selected to determine if you like the community. 
  7. Click links provided "School search, Georgia Sex Offender Registry" to ensure you are ok with the schools & to ensure you feel comfortable living in the community.
  8. Create a list of names of the desire communities. 
Multiple Offers are extremely common nowadays. Many times there are over 10 offers for the same property. The quicker you make your decision, which community you desire to live in, you will have a better opportunity to purchase your desired home.

The idea is to do your community homework now to help you make that perfect Home decision quicker when you are qualified. 

NACA Mortgage Calculator